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Dr. Fatema Abdulla

President Message

Dear BNA Colleague:

First of all, I would like to express to you my sincere appreciation for your continued support of BNA and our shared goals.

Secondly, I take this opportunity to update you on some current developments. In our commitment to improve communication and increase reliability I want to renew our promise to support each and every member of BNA and to make all efforts to increase access of our patient to information and to best care available in line with recent medical advances in order to understand the activity of healthy brain and the consequences of structural or functional alteration of the nervous system.

One step in this direction is the launch on the new BNA web site which will increase visibility of the Association and it will bring us closer to every member and to the patients.

The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic dictates that we use innovates approaches to act as members of the scientific community to cope with the burden of neurodevelopmental disease, neurological manifestations of infectious disease, the impact of cultural practices on neurodevelopmental/neurodegenerative disease and to promote the outcome of neuroscience research.

Many linked fields, including medicine, psychology, physics, computer science, statistics, as well as the humanities and social sciences, have recently converged on neuroscience. Brain research has broadened its scope to include large-scale experimental and theoretical investigations of central and peripheral nervous systems from cellular, behavioral, and social viewpoints, making it one of science’s fastest-growing topics.

Looking ahead to the future, plans are developing at this time for the BNA Annual Meeting in …. This conference is positioned to be a major event in the organization’s history. We will keep you posted on this event and all other necessary information in connection with the foregoing adjustment in communication and medical education program implementation.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Fatima Abdulla Mohamed, President

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